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I know this isn’t much but I think this is a good start.

Last year, I’ve been very blessed to work, uhhm actually I forced them to do it, with these awesome people around me. Fortunately, there were just ‘round the corner and just picked them up. Kidding. 

It have been photo shooting ladies lately and this year, I just hope I could, hopefully, embark with a new horizon with some of my guy friends. (Uhm, actually, I’ve been contacting them and yeah, just waiting for some response.)

I would love to shoot some flesh, too. Not flesh flesh but you know, with some skin showing off and stuff. Just like this awesome blog does. HAHA. I’m taking my ambition to the highest level this year.

Well, let’s just see where this year would take me.

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  1. jakeycasiano said: *raises hand* Nude, gusto mo? HAHAHA jk.
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