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Third Philippine I Transform Young Leaders Convention ( Luzon Wave )

Who’s coming?

See you when I see you 😆

5 Seconds Of Summer-She Looks So Perfect by sadia_riya98 on SoundCloud ⇀





My love, the sun has set.


The Only Exception

Finally a decent selfie… but wait hey there eyebags

Chill Honestly, it’s my first time to smoke. Hahaha

Had some catching up to do now I that I have some ample time to finish this book :)

This Is What Happy Looks Like

Perf after a stressful week 😆😢😋

It sucks hearing your parent’s frustrations and disappointments.


Project Ambungan

Model: Cheine Navarro

Photographer: Cider Cosare


Selfie pa more 😕😑😆 Okay. So the weather is being uncooperative. I can’t decide between studying or sleeping. Lol

All I can do is smile

Whenever you cross my mind

Gugma ko kanimo, walay break, walay kambyo.

Thanks Google for helping me through my studies. Hahaha. Lol