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Selfie pa more 😕😑😆 Okay. So the weather is being uncooperative. I can’t decide between studying or sleeping. Lol

All I can do is smile

Whenever you cross my mind

Gugma ko kanimo, walay break, walay kambyo.

Thanks Google for helping me through my studies. Hahaha. Lol

My love, the sun has set.

A Letter To My First Love: Thank You For Everything ⇀


Galleria Luisa

There are times when I am too ambitious to do something beyond my capacity! Haha. Okay, so I am currently making these tarpaulins for the upcoming Intramurals.

Anyways, I am a Business student and I don’t know why I am even doing this. Lol.

Date a guy who reads, then dump him. ⇀


Date a guy who reads, then dump him. Watch that someone who spends endless times in a library to have a peaceful place to read slowly lessen his visitations, because you turned his sanctuary into a nostalgic place. That someone who would search for books about everlasting love suddenly turned into…


Project: Amity 2

Project: Amity 1

Project: Amity

Heaven is for real